Our Story

Our goal is to inspire and transform your space with beautifully crafted cushion covers.

Show Cushions is your decorative cushion store. Our shop is a place to discover and personalize your home and space.

We are so proud to share our high quality designs with you.

Each cushion has a unique character and story.

Our customers can count on us because we take pride and passion in our own home and find cushions a fun and easy way to transform your space and express your personality.


It all began when Justine and Ben moved in together and Ben began to learn that Justine was even more crazy than he thought. She was forever moving things around, looking for a way to reinvent their home.

Ben noticed she had different cushions for every season, holiday, place in the house and she spent ages trying to find the perfect pieces.

Ben encouraged Justine to try and make something of her passion for cushions.
And so began our story ...