Our Story

Our goal is to inspire and transform your space with beautifully hand crafted textiles.

Let's start from the beginning: I have always had a passion and interest in interior design and was fortunate enough to have parents that allowed me to explore and play with my room decor. While I explored many  different paint colours and styles, furniture, I always reverted to throw cushions being the final touch. I would ask my Granny to sew or knit me custom cushion covers, and off we would go to source textiles.

Around 12 years old, I acknowledged my obsession. I've always been a bit of a collector - refusing to throw things out in case they "come back into style". This ranged from home decor items to textiles. I still have a problem with this... 

I have always appreciated cushion covers, rather than pillows for the ease of storage. To do this, I bought one quality insert and changed the covers depending on the season or the current style of the room.

Show Cushions has allowed me to cultivate and express my passion. I hope you treasure our hand crafted pieces.  

Justine xx

Each product has a unique character and story

Life is too short to have ugly cushions on your couch

You can count on us because we take pride in our own home and find cushions an enjoyable and easy way to transform your space.

Premium Artisan Fabric

We provide premium artisan fabric with unique designs.

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Our shop is a place to discover and personalize your home and space.

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Newmarket, Ontario, Canada