What are cushion inserts?

Cushion inserts are the inner stuffing that creates the inside of your cushion.


Having cushion inserts and cushions covers allows you to remove cover for a quick and easy change. This allows you to easily change the look from season to season.


Cushion inserts are also beneficial as it allows for easier storage, with the need for less space for pillows. In the long run, having cushion inserts and cushion covers will be cheaper as you will not need to buy the insert every time.


Cushions inserts can be made with varying material such as poly-fill, down-filled, or synthetic down also know as down alternative.


Types of cushion inserts:

1) Poly-fill: A synthetic material used as cushioning in pillows and bedding. It is soft, durable and widely used in the bedding industry. These low-priced inserts are made from polyester, commonly referred to as polyester fiber, fiberfill, or, simply, stuffing.

Cons: Does not wash well or dry completely, causing the material to bunch and not maintain its original properties.


2) Down-filled (feather filled): Luxuriously loft and of high premium quality. These costly inserts are made from duck and goose feathers, providing ultimate warmth.

            Cons: Poking and losing feathers, allergenic and premium pricing.


3) Synthetic down: (down alternative): A replica to down. Mimicking down by using a high quality blend of cotton and polyester fibers that are thinly spun to create lofty clusters. Synthetic down is naturally hypoallergenic, ultra soft, machine washable and its lightweight material is perfect for molding your way! Affordable and premium!


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