What is a decorative cushion?

A cushion is different from a pillow, in that it has two components:

  1. Cover
  2. Insert (also known as inner stuffing)

A pillow is one piece, stuffed with polyfill and a sewn-on design that cannot be removed.

Decorative cushions are preferred over pillows for many reasons. The decorative cover allows you to easily switch the cover once you have the insert.

This allows for ease of wash, interchangeability and ease of storage, without the need to store bulky and excessive pillows.

A decorative cushion is used for enhancing your space.

This can be done through the colour, fabric, texture, design, and size of the cushion.

Decorative cushions are quick, easy and affordable ways to reinvent and enhance your space. You can change your cushions depending on the season, holiday, or to refresh your space.

Colours and texture are a great way to adapt to the changing seasons and mood in your home. Using linen and cotton in bright and pastel colours are great for the spring and summer. Heavier knits and cotton canvas are great for the colder months.

A decorative cushions’ purpose is to be a focal point. It will instantly infuse new life into an old space or enhance and tie together a new room.

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